Hi, I’m Chloey (21)! Mummy of Ayala (2), partner of Louis (22), owner of too many animals. Currently based in Hull. Yorkshire Parenthood is my little hub for all things local and parental.

After falling pregnant with Ayala in 2017, Louis and I decided to document my pregnancy and parenthood in all its glory. Unfortunately, life got in the way and after many tries (and many, many retries), it just wasn’t the right time. Recently, he decided to take a step back from Yorkshire Parenthood to focus more on his PhD. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to jump in and give this whole thing a real go on my own.

I’m gonna use this space and my Instagram to talk about everything local and family-related that I love. Expect hauls, tips, reviews, rants. Standard family and lifestyle blogger stuff, ya know?

If you’re a brand that’s interested in working with me (hahaha), head over to my Work With Me page or send an email to yorkshireparenthood@gmail.com